Randy Sarafan

+ A few of my favorites
Bedfellow Robot Bed
Discreet Pants Fly Checker
Energy Saving Light
Existential Emergency Phone
Lunchtime Clock
Teeth Candy
Jar Lantern
62 Projects to Make with
  a Dead Computer

Simple Bots
LieDar (Fake Self-Driving Car)
The Clap-Off Bra
Color-Changing Unicorn Lamp
My First Synth
+ Online Classes
LEDs and Lighting
Circuit Board Design
+ Re.....visioning
Spooky Whispering Prank
Talking Hamster Hack
Teeth Candy
Color-Changing Unicorn Lamp
Bedfellow Robot Bed
Groundhog Day Alarm Clock
Goodmorning Underwear
How to Make Conceptual Art
Shaky Leg Power Generator
Jar Lantern
Lunch Decider Wheel
Talking Takeout Container
Mystery Beeping Prank
Desk Panic Button
Discreet Pants Fly Checker
Seed Spreading Robot
Existential Emergency Phone
LieDar (Fake Self-Driving Car)
RC Car to Robot
Simple Walker Robot
Energy Saving Light
Foam Spewing Pumpkin
Mini Face Sculpture
Prank Box
Romance Pants
Psycho Scooter Scramble
Fake Google Car
The Clap-Off Bra
Urine Snow Globe
Lunchtime Clock
$2 Bill Pad
The Most Useful Machine
Personal Applause Sign
Kim Kardashian Photo Leak

The Joydick
The Googlher
Twittering Office Chair
The Breathalyzer Microphone
Water Gun Alarm Clock
Flamethrowing Jack-o-Lantern
Anti-Halloween House
Candle-Powered Electric Candle
Plush Fuzz Pedal
USB-Powered Apple
Media Artist Contingency Plan
Frankenbear Synthamajig
Chalkboard Table
Make a Cockerfly
Offline Commenting
Kung Fu Talking Jesus
Auto Answering System V.1
Baby-Headed Dancing Frog
Personalized Guess Who
Typewriter Computer Keyboard
Cell Phone Penguin Alert
Night Owl Alarm
Camouflaged Power-Source

Tazer Tag
The Compose Your Own Song
  and Play it Through a Penguin
  at Parsons Project

FAT Ring
Googling With Kittens!
Copyright and Copyleft Gloves
How to Tweet Porn
+ Domestic Engineering
Face Pattern Kimono
Moon Night Light
Easy Pipe Lamp
Radioactive Trash Bin
Secret Drawer Lock
Stranger Things Cookies
DIY Candles
Two Ingredient Candy
Easy Science Project
Chocolate Blackout Cake
Bright Idea Light
Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
Weighted Beach Towel Mod
Easy Sliding Lamp
Detachable Projector Mount
#SELFIE Mirror
Brain Board
Automated Garden
Desk Clamp Lamp
Lantern Fishbowl
Glass Speakers
Deep Fried It's It
Self-Watering Plant
Chalkboard Table
Simple Bookends
Zipper Lamp
Laser Etched Drinking Glasses
Poor Man's Track Lighting
Artwork Pegboard
Kickball Planter
Laptop Bubble Stand
Homemade Physical Therapy

T-Shirt Rug
Old Underwear Notebook
Modular Water Jug Storage System
Recycled Takeout Container Planter
Inflatable Love Seat
Laser Cut Clock
Peanut Butter Ice Box Pie
Tweeting Christmas Tree
Coating Fabric with Liquid Latex
LED Popsicle Stick Picture Frame
Bookshelf Bench IKEA Hack
Ice Cream Sandwich on a Stick
Mint Chocolate Donuts
My Hot Chocolate
Canvas Camping Chair
Paper Gift Box
+ Simple Bots eBook
Simple Bots
+ The Dead Computer Book
62 Projects to Make with
  a Dead Computer

Amplify Your Gamer Guitar
Floppy Disk IR Camera Hack
Walkman Soap Dish
Wire Lantern
Magnetic Memo Board
RAM Money Clip
Speaker Creature
Official Site
+ Making Music
DIY Guitar Pedal
Phaser Guitar Pedal
Octave Up Guitar Pedal
Glowing Color-Changing Guitar
Overdrive Pedal
Turn Anything Into a Speaker
My First Synth
Atari Punk Console
Crude Stereo Mixer
Arduino Guitar Pedal
Megaphone Audio Input
Meow Keyboard Output Jack
Arduino-Controlled Robotic Drum
Fuzz Pedal
The Fuzz of 1,000 Faces
Guitar Head Repair
Digital Delay Pedal
Droning Machine
Audio Cassette Loop
The Ultimate Audio Converter
Plush Fuzz Pedal
Electric Kickamastick
Gakken Theremin Kit Hack
Simple Sequencer
DIY Audio Switch
Robot Voice Modulator
Electric Cigar Box Guitar
Birth of Man Mixing Board
Stereo Microphone
The Official Schnoize Site
Telephone Handset Microphone
+ Things to Watch
Work Work Work Work
A Self-Explanatory Statement on
  Accumulation #1

A Study in Fruit and Sound
Thought Process
+ Odds and Ends
Life-Sized Cardboard Cutout
Easy Jacobs Ladder
Mad Scientist Extension Cord
Make a Kaleidoscope
Hand Crank Flashlight
Supercapacitor Vibrobot
Component Creatures
LED Flashlight
Randy Writes Letter
Randy Writes Letters RSS Widget
Crowbar Cane
3D Printed Pencil Robot
Internet-Controlled RC Car
Robotic Camera Dolly
3D Printed Digital Camera
3D Printed Robotics
Solar-Powered Robot
Car Horn Prank Box
Arduino Countdown Timer
3D Printed Locket
EMG Biofeedback
Toy Cruiser
3D Printed Chess Pieces
Polaroid Land Camera Guide
Laser Spirograph
LED Heart Pasties
5-Minute Camera Foot Switch
Thing A Day 2008
DIY Pocket Protector
Make Your Own Bendy Toy
Simple Drawing Machine
Super Mega Death Fight
Iraq Attaq!
How not to block camera
Hacking a USB Keyboard
How to make a vibrating motor
Rotary Dialer Pic Interface
How to make an H-Bridge
DIY Laser Security System
Time-Lapse Camera Setup
+ All About Randy